Gold Plan

The Gold plan is built for those that really want to drive their rankings on the major search engines, and are in more competitive markets.  These are great for local as well as national businesses.  They include everything from the Local package (if you have a local storefront) as well as the additional Gold level benefits that you get monthly, including link building campaigns, social signals, and access to the gold level of our Private network, or in other words, YOUR OWN NETWORK.

SEO Audit of your website AND Remediation

seo-reportSince you’re not an SEO expert, you have no idea where to start, right? Wrong! You’ve come to the right place.  We will provide you a report that will give you many of the ranking factors that the search engines are after, and actionable items that you can leverage to gain better results.  Things like Keyword Density, Broken Links, Robots.txt, Content Duplication issues, DNS issues, Images without Alt tags.  All of these are important to fix.  We will also give you a total score out of 100, so you can see exactly how well you’re doing.  And, since you’re getting the Gold Package, we’re going to do all of this for you.  While we cannot get everyone to 100%, we will balance the most effective items first, and build a long-term strategy to fix the rest, and we guarantee at least an 80% score with this package.

Submission to Local Directories

The search engines need to gain trust in your website, and you get this from what’s called “Local Citations”.  These are essentially verified listings on trusted sources such as Google Business, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and many more.  While you can easily do this on your own, it takes a lot of time and effort, and there’s a really good chance that you’ll miss more than you’ll actually submit on your own.  We work with the five most common aggregators to push your data across all of the trusted sources, making sure that the Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) all matches.  It is very important to have 100% consistency behind these entries, as even a small fluctuation such as St. vs street will cause the search engines to see your address differently.  We make sure you have consistent, reliable results.

30 Minute Consultation

We will walk through the SEO Audit step by step over the phone with you at your convenience.  We will show you each and every item and how to fix them.  Then, we will build a link building and social media plan that if you stick to it, you’ll be skyrocketing in the rankings in no time flat.

Link Building Campaign

One of the biggest ranking factors for your off-page efforts is Link Building.  Basically, it’s getting another website to take notice in your website and provide a link back to your site.  The higher the “Authority” of the website that’s linking to you, the more importance that the search engines show you in return.  With the Gold Package, we take care of your external link building campaigns for up to 10 keywords.

Social Signals

Since we’re in 2016 and everyone is on social media, the search engines have put an important factor into Social Media and their presence on the web.  You can’t naturally expect that any website worth its salt wouldn’t have any social media links pointing to it, right?  With the Silver Package, we will give your website a traffic boost with 40 natural social signals per month (Twice as many as Silver!).  This looks great in the eyes of the search engines and will not only give you traffic boosts, but will also increase your authority on the web.

Private Network

With the Gold Package, you get your own Private Network!  This is a network we will build specifically for your website to provide high authority links out to your website with our natural links.  Like mentioned before, getting links from other websites is a very large determining factor in how the search engines rank you. When you’re part of the Gold Network, you’ll have your own network, which will give a great boost to your natural traffic and authority.

Rank Tracking

rank-trackingWhy go through all of this trouble if you can’t see the results?  While you’ll undoubtedly gain more leads, phone calls, emails, or whatever we plan for – you’ll still want to see where you sit with the major search engines.  When you’re a part of the Gold Package, you’ll get to see every month where you stand on up to 30 keywords.